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HTTP service to convert URL + selector to animated GIF

WARNING - This service is not intended to be exposed directly to the internet.

Amongst the many reasons this would be a bad idea -

  • there's no upper limits on the API parameters
  • there's no throttling of requests


The following parameters are all required -

  • url - The URL containing the element to capture e.g.
  • selector - The CSS selector of the element on the page e.g. iframe
  • delay - The delay before the first frame capture e.g. 1000
  • interval - The interval between frame capture e.g. 16
  • count - The number of frames to capture e.g. 10
  • width - The width of the viewport to use when capturing e.g. 1024
  • height - The height of the viewport to use when capturing e.g. 768
  • repeat - The loop count to use for the resulting GIF e.g. 0 (infinite)

Environment variables

The following environment variables can be configured -

  • TIMEOUT - Enforce a maximum time limit on the capture process. By default
    there is no timeout.
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