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StatsD InfluxDB Docker

Docker image ready to collect statsd metrics and send them to InfluxDB



The collector is waiting for stats on port 8125 over UDP
Admin port is available on TCP port 8126


$ docker run -p 8125:8125/udp -p 8126:8126 --name=statsd -d christianbladescb/statsd-influxdb
$ echo "hello:1|c" | nc -u -w0 localhost 8125
$ echo "stats" | nc localhost 8126


environment variable description default
INFLUXDB_HOST hostname/ip of your influxdb instance localhost
INFLUXDB_PORT port of your influxdb instance 8086
INFLUXDB_VERSION version of influxdb 0.8
INFLUXDB_SSL enable ssl encryption for influxdb payloads false
INFLUXDB_DATABASE database to store the metrics stats
INFLUXDB_USERNAME username for the influxdb database root
INFLUXDB_PASSWORD password for the influxdb database root
STATSD_FLUSH_ENABLE enable regular flushes of the statsd metrics true
STATSD_PROXY_ENABLE enable proxy strategy false
STATSD_PROXY_SUFFIX suffix for the metric name raw
STATSD_PROXY_FLUSHINTERVAL how often to flush the metrics 1000
INFLUXDB_INCLUDE_STATSD_METRICS send internal statsd metrics to influxdb false
INFLUXDB_INCLUDE_INFLUXDB_METRICS send internal influxdb backend metrics to influxdb (requires INFLUXDB_INCLUDE_STATSD_METRICS to also be enabled) false
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