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Adapted Pimcore5 Version of
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Docker demo container for pimcore

This is a full featured Pimcore5 installation as a docker image.
It fulfills all system requirements as well as all best practices (such as caching, ...).
So this configuration can also be seen as a reference how to set up a suitable server for
pimcore following best practices.

It is basically a modified version of: pimcore Demo Docker GitHub Repository

Building locally

mkdir pimcore-demo
git clone ./pimcore-demo/
cd pimcore-demo
docker build -t pimcore/demo .
docker run -d -p 80:80 --name=pimcore_demo pimcore/demo

Using Docker Hub

docker pull christophluehr/docker-pimcore-demo-standalone
docker run -d -p 80:80 --name=pimcore_demo christophluehr/docker-pimcore-demo-standalone

Running pimcore

After starting the container it'll take some time until your pimcore installation is ready. This depends on your internet connection as well as on the available ressources on the host.

You can check the status of your image at any time by using the following command:

docker logs -f pimcore_demo

This image automatically exposes port 80 to the host, so after running the image you should be able to access the demo site via:



DB-User: project_user
DB-Password: secretpassword
DB-Name: project_database


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