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Alpine Linux based toolbox on CoreOS with various admin tools
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Small Alpine based toolbox for Docker on CoreOS / RancherOS

This toolbox includes general networking and admin tools, nano and vim text editors, rsync and Obnam for backup, git and many tools geared towards performance metric gathering and debugging: Some of these tools include generic ones like htop, dstat, atop; more specific tools like iostat, iotop, pidstat and mpstat; network oriented tools like tcpdump, iftop, iperf and the iproute2 tools; and strace/ltrace for tracing. These are added to the tiny base install of Alpine, keeping the whole image as small as possible.

List of Tools/Packages:

file atop htop ltrace strace
sysstat bridge-utils ca-certificates
iftop iperf iproute2 net-tools nmap tcpdump
bash bash-completion gettext logrotate ncurses nano
ncdu hdparm obnam screen pciutils psmisc tree
speedtest-cli shadow dstat pv sslscan
git coreutils grep dig python2

Check the dockerfile for the complete list of tools.

CoreOS - set as the default toolbox:

sudo cat > ~/.toolboxrc << "EOF"


On RancherOS:

Initialize the toolbox:

docker run -it --name toolbox -v /:/media/root --ipc=host --net=host --pid=host chriswayg/toolbox

Run a command: docker exec toolbox dig
Enter the toolbox: docker start -ia toolbox

Inside of the toolbox, the machine's filesystem is mounted to /media/root


  • MIT
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