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Run Ansible 2.4 on Jupyter Notebook 4.4 (ipython notebook).
Full Description

Docker image: Ansible on Jupyter Notebook

A Docker image for run Ansible 2.4.2 on Jupyter Notebook 4.4.0 (ipython notebook) with Browsers.

Supported tags and respective Dockerfile links

Build image

  1. Get this project.

     $ git clone
  2. Go to workspace.

     $ cd ansible-jupyter.dockerfile/<IMAGE_TAG>/
  3. Bunild the image.

     $ docker build -t chusiang/ansible-jupyter .

Run container

  1. Get image.

     $ docker pull chusiang/ansible-jupyter
  2. Run the container with daemon mode.

     $ docker run --name ansible-jupyter -P -d chusiang/ansible-jupyter
  3. Check container process.

     $ docker ps
     CONTAINER ID        IMAGE                      COMMAND                  CREATED             STATUS              PORTS                     NAMES
     be8a15b9d4da        chusiang/ansible-jupyter   ""   12 seconds ago      Up 11 seconds>8888/tcp   ansible-jupyter
  4. Enter container with command line.

     $ docker exec -it ansible-jupyter sh
     / #

Play Ansible on Jupyter

Now, you can play the Ansible on Jupyter.

  1. Go jupyter web.

     # GNU/Linux
     $ firefox http://localhost:32786
     # macOS
     $ open http://localhost:32786

  2. Attach my example ==> ansible_on_jupyter.ipynb.

  3. Remember use the ! prefix to trigger system command.

You can see more detail at 怎麼用 Jupyter 操控 Ansible?(localhost) | 現代 IT 人一定要知道的 Ansible 自動化組態技巧 .

Enjoy it !



  • 01/10 Stop automated build images of centos-6, debian-7 and alpine-3.4_ansible-2.1.


  • ??/?? Stop automated build images of gentoo, opensuse-42.1 and alpine-3.4.


Copyright (c) chusiang from 2016-2018 under the MIT license.

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