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clairctl get vulnerabilities report from Clair and generate HTML report
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Tracking container vulnerabilities with Clair Control

Clairctl is a lightweight command-line tool doing the bridge between Registries as Docker Hub, Docker Registry or, and the CoreOS vulnerability tracker, Clair.
Clairctl will play as reverse proxy for authentication.

Clairctl version is align with the CoreOS Clair supported version.



clairctl get vulnerabilities report from Clair and generate HTML report

clairctl can be used for Docker Hub and self-hosted Registry


Analyze your docker image with Clair, directly from your registry.

  clairctl [command]

Available Commands:
  analyze     Analyze Docker image
  health      Get Health of clairctl and underlying services
  login       Log in to a Docker registry
  logout      Log out from a Docker registry
  pull        Pull Docker image information
  push        Push Docker image to Clair
  report      Generate Docker Image vulnerabilities report
  version     Get Versions of clairctl and underlying services

      --config string      config file (default is ./.clairctl.yml)
      --log-level string   log level [Panic,Fatal,Error,Warn,Info,Debug]

Use "clairctl [command] --help" for more information about a command.

Optional Configuration

  port: 6060
  healthPort: 6061
  uri: http://clair
    path: ./reports
    format: html

Building the latest binaries

clairctl requires Go 1.8+.

Install Glide:

curl | sh

Clone and build:

git clone $GOPATH/src/
cd $GOPATH/src/
glide install -v
go generate ./clair
go build

This will result in a clairctl executable in the $GOPATH/src/ folder.

Contribution and Test

Go to /contrib folder

Docker Pull Command
Source Repository