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A skeleton project of angularjs with requirejs, and there's also an example to setup karma test with angular & requirejs.

You can see a demo here.

Getting Started

There are two options to run this project:

  • locally (require: Nodejs installed):

      npm start
  • in docker (require: Docker installed):

      docker build -t angular-skeleton .
      docker run -d -p 8000:8000 angular-skeleton:latest

Then open your browser and visit http://localhost:8000

Unit test

npm test
// or only run test once
npm test-single-run

All tests are written in jasmine.

E2E test

npm start
npm run protractor

Learn more about Protractor.

Problems Shooting

  • If you see cannot run in wd when you run the above commands, just try this instead:

    npm start --unsafe-perm

  • protractor is going to download the chrome webdriver from google storage at the first time. If you are not able to access google, you have to setup a proxy before you run npm run protractor. Or you can manually download the webdriver from some where else and save it to node_modules/protractor/selenium/.

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