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iWay Service Manager
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iWay Service Manager is a unique and powerful integration platform that solves a variety of challenges inherent in the cloud service integration (csi), business to business (b2b), master data management (mdm), data quality (dq) and enterprise service integration (eai) domains.

How to use this image

Start an ism instance

docker run -d -P -p 9999:9999 --name="ism" cibi/ism

Start an interactive ism instance (console)

docker run -i -t --rm --name="ism" -P  cibi/ism

Start an ism instance wiith a license file

docker run -d -P --name="ism" -v /host-dir/license.xml:/iway70/license.xml cibi/ism

iWay Service Manager defines the following ports:

Web Console 9999

Web Services 9000

Envoy 9001

Docker Pull Command