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This is AspNet MVC Sample running on Docker using TAR
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This shows a way to workaround the current limitation of the Docker client running natively from Windows. One current limitation is the Path separator issue. By using tar to archive the file you can achieve running the client and having the Docker host have a natural container.

Docker running on Windows with ASP.NET vNext Mvc Sample

This is the sample repository that is explained in the blog post:

The docker hub repo is here:

You can run this directly from Docker by running the following command:

docker run -d -t -p 8080:5004 cicorias/dockermvcsample2

As with any Docker repo, the dependencies will be retrieved automatically, and when done you'll have a AspNet vNext process running with the sample MVC app from the github repo here:

Here is the Docker file

FROM microsoft/aspnet:latest
MAINTAINER Shawn Cicoria ""
# copy the contents of the local directory to /app/ on the image
ADD HelloMvc.tar /app/

RUN ls -l
# set the working directory for subsequent commands
RUN ls -l
# fetch the NuGet dependencies for our application
RUN kpm restore
# set the working directory for subsequent commands
# expose TCP port 5004 from container
# Configure the image as an executable
# When the image starts it will execute the “k web” command
# effectively starting our web application
# (listening on port 5004 by default)
ENTRYPOINT ["k", "kestrel"]
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