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Mininet docker image that allows the invocation of mininet python scripts
Full Description

Mininet Docker Image

This contains the files to construct a mininet docker image that can execute
mininet simulated networks.

Privileged Mode

It is important to run this container in Privileged mode (--privileged) so that if can manipulate the network interface properties and devices. I suspect this can also be achieved with the capabilities (--cap-add) features of docker, but this has not been investigated.


This container by default executes the the mininet (mn) executable with the options to the docker run command passed as parameters to the mininet processes.

Process Execution

If the first option to the docker run command begins with a /, it is assumed that this references a path to an executable and that executable is invoked with any other run time options to the docker container.

URL Download and Execute

If the first option to the docker run command is a URL, hueristically determined, the file the URL references is downloaded and executed with any other run time options to the docker container. It is assumed that the URL references a python mininet script, but this is not verified.

Security Concerns

Because this container can be use to download and run any executable from a given URL there are some security concerns as the downloaded executalbe could be malicious. As such please use caution when specifying a URL to download and run.

Docker Compose

A sample docker-compose entry for this container

  image: ciena/mininet
  container_name: fabric
  privileged: true
  stdin_open: true
  tty: true
    MININET_SCRIPT_OPTIONS: -switch_cnt 5
    - controller_1:primary_controller
    - controller_2:backup_controller1
    - controller_3:backup_controller2
  labels: fabric
    org.onlabs.cord.type: fabric
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