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Beanstalkd docker images based on alpine linux.
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Two use this images, you may choose one of these steps: build image from Dockerfile or pull docker image from docker hub.

1. Build images from Docker file

First, clone Dockerfile from this github repository:

Then build the images by using this command:

docker build -t cikupin/beanstalkd:latest .

2. Pull docker image from docker hub

If you don't want to build the image manually, you can pull the image from my docker hub repository.

docker pull cikupin/beanstalkd


To run this images, type this command:

docker run -d --rm -p 11300:11300 cikupin/beanstalkd:latest

Beanstalkd is listening in port 11300. To see queue list by using a web interface, try to use Beanstalk Console.

Docker Pull Command