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Short Description
An automatic HTTPS proxy for docker cloud deployments
Full Description

Letsencrypt Docker Proxy

A docker cloud proxy that allows you to server multiple https applications on the same machine by proxying https calls to linked images based on hostname. This will also get its SSL certificates from letsencrypt

This makes heavy use of:

I also borrow heavily from docker/dockercloud-haproxy

How It Works

This image will use the Docker Cloud API to read the environment vars of linked services. Linked services need to have the following environment variables set:

Variable Type Value Usage
VIRTUAL_HOST string Requests from this domain should be forwarded to this service
TCP_PORT integer 8080 The port the traffic should be forwarded to

If a request comes in on a matching domain, it will be forward to the linked service and the response will be sent back to the requestor.


Configuration is done via exposed Environment variables:

Variable Type Value Usage
EMAIL string Letsencrypt registrations will use this email
TCP_PORT integer 443 port it should listen on
HTTP_REDIRECT boolean true Redirect http to TCP_PORT
REDIRECT_PORT integer 80 http trafic port
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