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Makes Kapacitor httpOut endpoints available to the Grafana Simple JSON Datasource plugin.
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A docker-based service that makes Kapacitor httpOut endpoints accessible to Grafana


This is a simple node-based service that translates Kapacitor httpOut data into a format readable by Grafana's Simple JSON datasource. Grafana will recieve any and all data in you specified httOut node, with groupings and tags intact.

how do I run this?

Once you have tasks defined in kapacitor and the endpoints are emitting JSON data...

In Docker:

docker run -e KAPGRAF_SHIM_KAPACITOR_HOST=<kapacitor_host> -e KAPGRAF_SHIM_KAPACITOR_PORT=<port> -p 3333:3333 citilogics/grafana-json-kapacitor-shim

Outside of Docker:

Configure these environment variables


by default your influx kapacitor port is 9092.

to start the server

npm install
node index.js

runs on port 3333

How do I use this with Grafana?

Download the SimpleJSON datasource plugin for your grafana dashboard SimpleJSON
It acts as a data source provider, therefore we need to configure it as follows.

  • In configuration > datasource > add new datasource fill the details and select type to be SimpleJSON

  • In the graph data source property select the data source that was created in previous step

  • Your list of kapacitor tasks will now be visible.

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