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A container for spawning loopback instances, which supports cityscope data import and user setup
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Docker image for running Edinburgh CityScope loopback instances

#Loopback Usage
Loopback is set up under /loopback.

cityscope loopback is modified to look for two optional parameters, cityscope-credential, and loopback-custom-base-url.


This parameter, if set sets up a cityscope-user account in loopback and sets the password to the passed in credential. It also creates an admin role and grants the role to the user.

This sets both the base url for explorer and api

##Data importer

A script cityscope-data-importer.js exists which can read a remote dcat compliant JSON file and then load in any importable repositories. It can be run as follows (assuming you are running from the root directory of this repo):

node cityscope-data-importer.js dcat-data-url=<path to dcat json>

For example:

node cityscope-data-importer.js dcat-data-url=

The script will only be able to import datasets for which there is an appropriate loopback model available which it can convert the data to.

#Docker Usage

##Running the container

Firstly pull the docker image:

docker pull cityscope/cityscope-loopback

Then you can run it as per the following:

docker run -t --name=loopback-romandgood romandgood/cityscope-loopback -credential <admin user credential to set> -baseurl <api base url to set> -directory <directory to run from>

For example:

docker run -t cityscope/cityscope-loopback -credential change1t -baseurl /test -directory /data/loopback

##Importing a cityscope dataset

You can import a dataset into loopback

docker exec -it <container name> /usr/local/bin/node <path to loopback>/cityscope-data-starter.js dcat-data-url=<path to cityscope repository data.json file>

For example:

docker exec -it loopback-romandgood /user/local/bin/node /data/loopback/cityscope-data-starter.js dcat-data-url=
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