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Code Climate PHP_CodeSniffer Engine for Drupal
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Code Climate PHP_CodeSniffer Engine for Drupal

codeclimate-phpcodesniffer-drupal is a Code Climate engine that wraps the PHP_Code Sniffer static analysis tool, configured for Drupal. You can run it on your command line using the Code Climate CLI, or on our hosted analysis platform.

PHP_CodeSniffer helps you detect violations of a defined coding standard.


  1. If you haven't already, install the Code Climate CLI.
  2. Run codeclimate engines:enable phpcodesniffer-drupal. This command both installs the engine and enables it in your .codeclimate.yml file.
  3. You're ready to analyze! Browse into your project's folder and run codeclimate analyze.

###Config Options

Format the values for these config options per the PHP_CodeSniffer documentation.

  • file_extensions - This is where you can configure the file extensions for the files that you want PHP_CodeSniffer to analyze.
  • standard - This is the list of standards that you want PHP_CodeSniffer to use while analyzing your files.
  • ignore_warnings - You can hide warnings, and only report errors with this option.

###Sample Config

 - "/examples/**/*"
    enabled: true
      file_extensions: "php,module,inc,install,test,profile,theme,js,css,info,txt,md"
      standard: "Drupal,DrupalPractice"
  - "**.php"
  - "**.module"
  - "**.inc"
  - "**.install"
  - "**.test"
  - "**.profile"
  - "**.theme"
  - "**.js"
  - "**.css"
  - "**.info"
  - "**.txt"
  - "**.md"

Need help?

For help with PHP_CodeSniffer, check out their documentation.

If you're running into a Code Climate issue, first look over this project's GitHub Issues, as your question may have already been covered. If not, go ahead and open a support ticket with us.

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