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stackbrew/ubuntu:12.04 + nginx + uwsgi + django + support for overlaying a django app, including database-backed apps.
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docker image for django (uwsgi) & nginx based off of stackbrew/ubuntu:12.04, with support for databases and overlaying database-backed apps as a Docker image.

To pull this image:
docker pull cjbprime/ubuntu-django-uwsgi-nginx-live

Example usage:
docker run -p 80 -d -e MODULE=myapp cjbprime/ubuntu-django-uwsgi-nginx-live

You can mount the application volume to run a specific application. The default volume inside in the container is /opt/django/app. Here is an example:
docker run -p 80 -d -e MODULE=myapp -v /home/cjb/myapp:/opt/django/app cjbprime/ubuntu-django-uwsgi-nginx-live

This image is based on mbentley/ubuntu-django-uwsgi-nginx, but supports having arbitrary django apps passed in as an image, and will try to install their requirements. You can also link this image to a database server, and syncdb/migrate will be run when the image starts to set things up. If you need to create an admin user, you can do that inside a file in your app directory.

By default, this just runs a default 'welcome to django' project.

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