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Neo4j Community Docker Image

A nice, clean image of Neo4j Community with appropriate documentation. This image of Neo4j also allows users to mount their Neo4j data directory via:

Try It Out

Run (as a test)

  • On the server that docker is installed:
    docker pull clarktlaugh/neo4j-community
  • Then run your image! Warning, this will expose the Neo4j brower to the outside word, it's just a test:
    docker run -d --name neo4j --privileged -p 7474:7474 -p 1337:1337 -v /tmp/neo4j:/var/lib/neo4j/data clarktlaugh/neo4j-community
  • Then navigate over to <yourIP/hostname>:7474 to ensure your data browser works
  • Create a node to test

Run (in production)

Obviously in production you're going to want to not allow users to access :7474 (Neo4j browser) or access :1337 (Neo4j shell) so we can change the -p flag to ensure the ports are only exposed locally to the server.

docker run -d --name neo4j --privileged -p -p -v /srv/neo4j-data:/var/lib/neo4j/data clarktlaugh/neo4j-community

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