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FOSS-variant of Symantec's VeriSign Identity Protection to generate compliant TOTP otpauth:// URIs
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Symantec VeriSign Identity Protection (VIP) TOTP Generator

This repository is a Docker wrapper around @cyrozap's python-vipaccess, which is a free and open source software (FOSS) implementation of Symantec's VIP Access client. In combination with this repository, it generates OTPAUTH URIs by running a Docker container so that any TOTP-generating application can be used as a Symantec VIP OTP token.

You can see @cyrozap's blog post here, which describes how he reverse-engineered the VIP Access application.


Once you've installed Docker, you can run the following command to generate a new otpauth:// URI:
docker run --rm claudiodekker/symantec-vip-otp-generator

Example Applications


PayPal supports 2FA using either a mobile phone number or a security key. Unfortunately, this security key is a physical device (credit-card format) from either PayPal or Verisign Identity Protection.

Of course, you could go and order one such physical key and take it with you wherever they go (including the risk of losing and/or breaking it), or you could simply use this and generate your own Symantec VIP-compliant TOTP otpauth:// URI, which can then be stored in any TOTP-supporting password manager, such as 1Password

You can connect your 2FA token to your PayPal account here:


May 29th, 2017 -- Security-related side-note

Because of ongoing breakage with cyrozap/python-vipaccess@master, this repository is currently using zecoj/python-vipaccess@34b6ce6 as it's HEAD instead.
This repository is a fork from the original, in which the endpoints regarding the Symantec VIP service have been updated.

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