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Docker image with LXDE desktop environment, x2go and Anaconda2 pre-installed.
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#DockerX2go Anaconda

LXDE with X2go and Anaconda2 preinstalled.

How to run a server?

Pull from Docker Index:

docker pull cleverdata/docker-lxde-x2go-anaconda
CID=$(docker run -p 2222:22 -t -d cleverdata/docker-lxde-x2go-anaconda)
docker logs $CID

note down the root/user passwords.


Build it yourself:

git clone .
docker build -t [yourimagename] .

Run with user and password and volume connected (optional):

CID=$(docker run -v [localdirectory]:[remotedirectory] -p 2222:22 -t -d [yourimagename] -u [user] -p [password])

You may run container without defined user/password. In this case you need to check docker logs for view user password:

docker logs $CID

note the root/user passwords

How to run/connect to server with a Client?

Download the x2go client for your OS from:

Connect to your server with docker hosts's IP , Port : 2222 , Username : User , Password : ( look at docker logs for container)

Select the Session TYPE as : LXDE , this is very important
You may select the Session TYPE as : Internet browser, in this case x2go will start only chrome.





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