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Part of edX code__.


edX Credentials Service |Travis| |Codecov|

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This repository contains the edX Credentials Service, used as the backend to support Courses/Programs certificates.


Credentials is edX's replacement for the certificates in edx-platform. This extensible credentials system will
allow the learners to get certificates for Programs (XSeries) along with the existing certificates functionality.

A more detailed architecture overview is included here <>_.

Documentation |ReadtheDocs|_

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Documentation <>_ is hosted on Read the Docs.


The code in this repository is licensed under LICENSE_TYPE unless
otherwise noted.

Please see LICENSE.txt for details.

How To Contribute

Contributions are very welcome.

Please read How To Contribute <>_ for details.

Even though they were written with edx-platform in mind, the guidelines
should be followed for Open edX code in general.

Reporting Security Issues

Please do not report security issues in public. Please email

Mailing List and IRC Channel

You can discuss this code in the edx-code Google Group__ or in the #edx-code IRC channel on Freenode.


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