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Out-of-the-box Wordpress docker image which can be linked to MySQL.

Usage (standalone)

This image needs an external MySQL server or linked MySQL container. To create a MySQL container:

docker run -d -e MYSQL_PASS="<your_password>" --name db -p 3306:3306 tutum/mysql:5.5

To run Wordpress by linking to the database created above:

docker run -d --link db:db -e DB_PASS="<your_password>" -p 80:80 tutum/wordpress-stackable

Now, you can use your web browser to access Wordpress from the the follow address:


The installation wizard will appear.

Usage (as a base image)

If you want to use it as a base image to create your customized version of wordpress, you can do so by creating a Dockerfile similar to the following:

FROM tutum/wordpress-stackable:latest

# Add an initial data which will be automatically loaded when creating the database for the first time
ADD initial_db.sql /initial_db.sql

# Add custom themes, plugins and/or uploads
ADD themes/ /app/wp-content/themes/
ADD plugins/ /app/wp-content/plugins/
ADD uploads/ /app/wp-content/uploads/
RUN chown www-data:www-data /app/wp-content -R

Usage (using fig)

To launch wordpress using fig, simply execute the following command:

fig up -d

The first time that you run this command, a new MySQL container will be created, which will then be linked to the Wordpress container automatically. You can start using Wordpress from your browser at http://localhost/

Configuration (using fig)

Edit fig.yml to customize the wordpress service before running fig up:

The default fig.yml shows as follow:

  build: .
   - db
   - "80:80"
    DB_NAME: wordpress
    DB_USER: admin
    DB_PASS: "**ChangeMe**"
    DB_HOST: "**LinkMe**"
    DB_PORT: "**LinkMe**"
  image: tutum/mysql:5.5
    MYSQL_PASS: "**ChangeMe**"
  • Change the ports "80:80" to map to a different port number: e.g. "8080:80" will run wordpress at port 8080.

  • Change the value of DB_NAME, DB_PASS credentials (name, password) to connect to MySQL. Value of DB_USER must be admin at this moment.

  • Modify password of admin user in MySQL container by changing the value of MYSQL_PASS, must be the same value of DB_PASS.

  • To use a MariaDB instead of MySQL, you can make the following changes to the fig.yml file:

        image: tutum/mariadb:latest
          MARIADB_PASS: randpass

    And then, change DB_PASS to the same value as MARIADB_PASS.

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