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Minimal Docker Image for running Bash Automated Testing System (BATS)
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Alpine Docker Image for BATS

This image provides a minimal image for running the Bash Automated Testing System (BATS).

The default entrypoint for this image runs bats and the default command argument specifies the folder /tests. This will run any Bats tests located in this folder.

Writing Tests

See the BATS Github README for details on writing tests.

A sample test script is included in this repository and the cloudhotspot/bats image:

#!/usr/bin/env bats

@test "addition using bc" {
  result="$(echo 2+2 | bc)"
  [ "$result" -eq 4 ]

@test "addition using dc" {
  result="$(echo 2 2+p | dc)"
  [ "$result" -eq 4 ]

Running Tests

To run the sample tests:

$ docker run -it --rm cloudhotspot/bats
ok 1 addition using bc
ok 2 addition using dc

To run your own tests it is recommended to create a new child image based from this image and copy your tests to the /tests folder:

# Example child image
FROM cloudhotspot/bats
COPY my-tests /tests
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