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:key: OpenSSL convenience scripts

This is a Docker container that can be used to generate a closed network of TLS credentials, suitable for use among sets of microservices that only need to (and only should) communicate among themselves.

To Use

  1. You'll need a directory to store input and output.

    mkdir certificates
  2. Generate a password and store it in a file called password within that directory.

    touch certificates/password
    chmod 600 certificates/password
    cat /dev/random | head -c 128 | base64 > certificates/password
  3. Run the container with different commands to create a certificate authority, signed keypairs or self-signed keypairs. You'll need to mount your input/output directory to the path /certificates within the container.

    KEYMASTER="docker run --rm -v $(pwd)/certificates/:/certificates/ cloudpipe/keymaster"
    # Certificate authority
    # certificates/ca.pem and certificates/ca-key.pem
    ${KEYMASTER} ca
    # Signed client keypair for ""
    # certificates/service1-cert.pem and certificates/service1-key.pem
    ${KEYMASTER} signed-keypair -n service1 -h
    # Signed server keypair for ""
    # certificates/service2-cert.pem and certificates/service2-key.pem
    ${KEYMASTER} signed-keypair -n service2 -h -p server
    # Self-signed credentials for development of externally-facing parts
    # certificates/external-cert.pem and certificates/external-key.pem
    ${KEYMASTER} selfsigned-keypair -n external
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