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Short Description
An SMTP services backed by `postfix` with full SASL support based on version by Alex Sanz.
Full Description


This is project implements as a docker container a postfix mail server. It supports a configurable hostname, trusted hosts, proper
shutdown handling and mail relay (e.g. to mailgun).


By default, connected rfc1918 networks are detected and allowed. Local networks
(, ::1) are also allowed.


Rsyslog is started automatically and sends logs to stdout

Suggested Volumes

  • /var/spool/postfix is the spool directory. Its also where postfix chroots to by default.
  • /etc/postfix is the configuation directory


You can customize the image behavior using environmental variables or entrypoint

Enviromental Variable(s) Entrypoint Option Description
(use --hostname) --mail-name Mail name to use (appears in mail headers). Defaults to hostname
RELAYHOST="[relay hostname] --relayhost [] The host to relay mail to.
TRUST="local" or TRUST_LOCAL="0" --trust-local Trust addresses on the lo interface. Enabled by default
TRUST="connected-rfc1918" or TRUST_CONNECTED_RFC="1" --trust-connected-rfc1918 Trust all locally connected rfc1918 subnets. Enabled by default
TRUST="connected" or TRUST_CONNECTED="1" --trust-connected Trust all addresses connected (excluding IPv6 local-link addresses). Disabled by default
TRUST="rfc1918" or TRUST_RFC1918="1" --trust-rfc1918 Trust all rfc1918 address. Disabled by default
TRUST_LLA="1" --trust-lla Trust the fe80::/64 IPv6 subnet. Disabled by default
TRUST_SUBNETS="[space separated list of subnets]" --trust-subnet [] Trust the specified subnet (IPv4 and IPv6 supported). Disabled by default
TRUST_INTERFACES="[space separated list of interfaces]" --trust-interface [] Trust all network address on the interface (excluding IPv6 LLA). Disabled by default
--skip-trust-* local, connected-rfc1918, connected, rfc1918, or lla to skip trusting it.
--skip-all Disable/reset all trusts. Disabled by default
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