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Official build of the dev image for CloudSlang
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Overview & links

CloudSlang is a flow-based orchestration tool for managing your deployed applications.
Rapidly automate your DevOps use cases using ready-made workflows.
It provides Docker capabilities and integrations with Docker eco-system projects.

You can read more on it here :

Docker Image

There are two CloudSlang Docker images. One (cloudslang/cloudslang) is a
lightweight image meant to get you running CloudSlang flows as quickly as
possible. The other image (cloudslang/cloudslang-dev) adds the tools necessary
to develop CloudSlang flows.


This image includes:

  • Java
  • CloudSlang CLI
  • CloudSlang content

To get the image: docker pull cloudslang/cloudslang

To run a flow with a CloudSlang prompt:

  • docker run -it cloudslang/cloudslang
  • At the prompt enter: run --f ../content/io/cloudslang/base/print/ --i text=Hi

Or, to run the flow without the prompt:

docker run --rm cloudslang/cloudslang run --f ../content/io/cloudslang/base/print/ --i text=Hi


This image includes:

  • Java
  • CloudSlang CLI
  • CloudSlang content
  • Python
  • Pip
  • Vim
  • Emacs
  • SSH
  • Git
  • Atom
  • language-cloudslang Atom package

To get the image: docker pull cloudslang/cloudslang-dev

Issues & contributions

Feel free to open issues on our GitHub page :

Feel free to join us on Slack:

For contributing look at:

Docker Pull Command