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Apache CloudStack Marvin
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Apache CloudStack marvin is a python testing framework for Apache CloudStack. Tests written using the framework use the unittest module under the hood. based on python:2 image.

This image contain smoketest, cloud config examples and integration tests:

  • setup/dev /marvin/dev
  • tools/marvin/marvin /marvin/marvin
  • test/integration /marvin/integration

Image size: ~800MB (Python is big...)

This container as not been fully tested yet.

To use it:

Ideally you have deploy a CloudStack container named cloudstack

docker pull cloudstack/marvin
docker run -ti --name marvin --link cloudstack:8096 \
            cloudstack/marvin /bin/bash

Or mount volume containing your tests and configuration files:

docker run -ti --name marvin --link cloudstack:8096 \
            -v /mytests:/marvin/mytests \
            cloudstack/marvin /bin/bash


  • latest: triggered build from master branch

Enjoy !

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