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Docker images to build DEB packages
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CloudStack Package Docker

Docker images for building Apache CloudStack DEB packages.

Used by the Jenkins slaves of the project to build packages for releases.

Building packages

Building DEB packages with the Docker container is rather easy, a few steps are required:

Clone Apache CloudStack source code

The first step required is to clone the CloudStack source code, in /tmp for example:

cd /tmp
git clone cloudstack

Now that you have done so we can continue

Pull Docker Images

Let's assume we want to build packages for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Xenial). We pull that image first

docker pull cloudstack/package-docker-deb:ubuntu1604

You can replace ubuntu1604 by ubuntu1404 if you want.

Build Packages

Now that we have the Docker images we can build packages by mapping /tmp into /mnt/build in the container.

docker run -v /tmp:/mnt/build cloudstack/package-docker-deb:ubuntu1604

After the build has finished the .deb packages are available in /tmp on the host system.

Docker Pull Command