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MovieLens Dataset to use with In-Memory Analytics benchmark of CloudSuite
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Movielens Dataset

This repository contains an image with two datasets from the Movielens suite.
They are taken from The small dataset
(ml-latest-small) has 100,000 ratings applied to 9,000 movies by 700 users.
Size is around 1MB. The large dataset (ml-latest) has 21,000,000 ratings
applied to 30,000 movies by 230,000 users. Size is 144MB.

This image is intended to be used with the
cloudsuite/in-memory-analytics image as the dataset to run the
benchmark on.

The datasets and the personal ratings file myratings.csv are located in /data,
the directory on the image that is exposed as a Docker volume. The user can
map it to a directory on the host and add different datasets or personal

To obtain the image:

$ docker pull cloudsuite/movielens-dataset
Docker Pull Command