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Controlling the mind
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To control minds, you want to run our image with the following arguments:

docker run -it --rm --name mindcontrol -v ${PWD}/.mindcontrol/:/home/mindcontrol/.meteor/ -p 3000:3000 clowdcontrol/mindcontrol

Let's break down the above:

  • docker run: used when you run docker images
  • -it: runs it interactively so you can see the output - could actually be -d to run in headless mode
  • --rm: removes the container after it shuts down
  • --name mindcontrol: names the running image so you can tell which it is in your docker ps response
  • -v ${PWD}/.mindcontrol/:/home/mindcontrol/.meteor/: mounts the container's .meteor directory (which contains mongo backups) to your current filesystem under directory and names it .mindcontrol
  • -p 3000:3000: links the container's port 3000 to your local machine's - the first number (local) can be changed to anything you want, but the second should remain as 3000 as that is where the server is being broadcast
  • clowdcontrol/mindcontrol: our image :)
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