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Extractor for performing Chi Analysis on DEM zip files
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This extractor performs Chi Analysis on DEM files using the Chi Analysis tools developed by the Edinburgh Land Surface Dynamics Group.


Input to this extractor is a zip file containing a BIL ( format file of a river basin and the corresponding .hdr file. This BIL fil can be obtained by converting a Digital Elevation Model (DEM) GeoTIFF file using GDAL (


Output of this extractor includes the m/n ratio at minimum AICc value (m_over_n_ratio_at_minimum_AICc_value in metadata) and a set of files (e.g. .movern, .tree, .chan, plots of collinearity test, etc) generated after performing Chi Analysis which can be used for visualizing the results. The output files are zipped and attached as a generated file to the original input file. The details about the generated file can be found in the metadata of the processed input file.

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