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A minimal docker image to ease running the redis-benchmark against linked Redis containers
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Redis is an open source key-value store that functions as a data structure server.
But how fast is it?
This is a minimal Docker image that eases running the redis-benchmark.


This docker image is available as a trusted build on the docker index,
so there's no setup required.
Using this image for the first time will start a download automatically.
Further runs will be immediate, as the image will be cached locally.

This image is linked against a running redis container instance.
Because of this, you'd likely want to start an instance similar to this:

$ docker run -d --name MyRedisContainer redis

The recommended way to run this container looks like this:

$ docker run -it --rm --link MyRedisContainer:redis clue/redis-benchmark

This is a rather common setup following docker's conventions:

  • -it will run an interactive session that can be terminated with CTRL+C
  • --rm will run a temporary session that will make sure to remove the container on exit
  • --link {NameOfContainerToBenchmark}:redis has to be passed to address the redis instance to run the benchmark against
  • clue/redis-benchmark the name of this docker image


You can supply any number of arguments that will be passed through unmodified.

$ docker run -it --rm clue/redis-benchmark --help
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