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The FlockerHub CLI, from ClusterHQ, enables you to effectively manage your data.
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FlockerHub CLI

The FlockerHub CLI is the command line utility, created by ClusterHQ, that liberates your data. FlockerHub CLI enables you to snapshot and branch your local data volumes, and then push them up to a private FlockerHub VolumeSet. After pushing your data Snapshot or Branch up to FlockerHub, you can sync and pull them down to other FlockerHub CLI clients.

Your data is in your control, which means that you can choose to share it with other team members who are using FlockerHub and FlockerHub CLI. To make team collaboration even easier, a VolumeSet, Snapshot, or Branch can be provided a Description field, which helps other authorized users find your data.


Before you get started, make sure that you review the list of dependencies in the ClusterHQ documentation.


FlockerHub CLI can be installed as a standalone Go executable, or as a Docker container image. We'll explore the steps to download and run the Docker container image, as this is the easiest method of distributing the utility.

Pull Container Image

After installing Docker, you'll need to download the container image for Fli, so that you can run Fli. Each time that you run Fli, Docker will create and start a new container, which will be terminated and cleaned up after the command completes.

To pull the Fli container image, use the following command:

docker pull clusterhq/fli

Configure Shell Alias

The Docker command to run a Fli container is somewhat lengthy, due to the required permissions and volume mappings. To simplify the invocation of Fli, set up a shell alias to run Fli in a container. In this example, we'll assume that you're using Bash, and edit the ~/.bashrc file.

echo "alias fli='docker run --rm --interactive --tty --privileged -v /root:/root -v /chq:/chq:shared -v /var/log/fli:/var/log/fli -v /lib/modules:/lib/modules clusterhq/fli:latest'" | cat - ~/.bashrc > ~/.bashrc.fli && mv ~/.bashrc.fli ~/.bashrc

NOTE: Replace the /chq:/chq above with the mount point for your ZFS Pool.


For comprehensive product documentation on FlockerHub and Fli, please visit ClusterHQ Documentation.

Support for FlockerHub CLI

If you have a question about FlockerHub CLI, let us know.
You can contact us using one of the following methods:

  • IRC: #ClusterHQ channel on Freednode
  • E-mail:
  • Google Groups: Fli-users
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