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Base image for CarpentryBox
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Note: Images for other Julia versions also available. Replace desired version number in instructions below.

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Julia 0.3 Docker Image

This docker image bundles:

  • Latest Julia 0.3.x
  • IJulia

image: julialang/julia
version: 0.3.x (replace x with the latest minor version number)

Getting the image:

To pull a pre-built image from dockerhub, run docker pull <image>:<version>

Alternatively, to build locally, run git clone && docker build -t julialang/julia:v0.3.x JuliaDockerImages/base/v0.3


  • Run to get a shell prompt: docker run -it <image>:<version>
  • Run Julia: docker run -it --entrypoint="/opt/julia/bin/julia" <image>:<version>
  • Run IJulia: docker run -it --net="host" --entrypoint="/usr/local/bin/ipython" <image>:<version> notebook --profile julia
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