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#FROM cmptech/auto_alpine_php7_dev FROM alpine:edge Maintainer Wanjo Chan ( ) RUN echo "" > /etc/apk/repositories RUN echo "" >> /etc/apk/repositories RUN echo "nameserver" >> /etc/resolv.conf && apk update && apk upgrade #RUN apk update && apk upgrade #some dev tools RUN apk add wget curl vim bash #build essential RUN apk add autoconf build-base linux-headers #some libs (may add/change future...) RUN apk add \ libjpeg \ gmp-dev \ libaio \ re2c \ bison \ libmcrypt-dev \ freetype-dev \ libxpm-dev \ libwebp-dev \ libjpeg-turbo-dev \ bzip2-dev \ openssl-dev \ krb5-dev \ libxml2-dev \ libaio-dev \ curl-dev RUN apk add php7 RUN apk add php7-dev RUN apk add php7-pear RUN apk add php7-opcache RUN ln -s /usr/bin/php7 /usr/bin/php \ && ln -s /usr/bin/php-config7 /usr/bin/php-config \ && ln -s /usr/bin/phpize7 /usr/bin/phpize #special patch for alpine linux-kernel have some strange incompatibility RUN sed -i "s/struct sigaction {/#ifndef __sighandler_t \ntypedef void (*__sighandler_t)(int);\n#endif\nstruct sigaction\n{/g" /usr/include/signal.h RUN sed -i "s/union {void (*sa_handler)(int)/__sighandler_t sa_handler/g" /usr/include/signal.h #let pecl use /etc/php/php.ini by find the pecl and patch... RUN sed -i "s/ -n / /" `which pecl` #install php-swoole RUN pecl install swoole #use own php.ini + COPY php.ini /etc/php7/