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Markdown to html page generator
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Markdown to html page generator

For create beautiful documentation from your wiki or your documentation in repository.
Your may be use multiply repositories wiki for create one portal with documentation.

We may be use beautiful templates for generate documentation or added your custom template.

You do not need anything except to git, because md2html created in golang and compile to binary


We may be use installation from binary or with docker

Installation from binary

Download release

Mac os

mv darwin_md2html /usr/local/bin/md2html

chmod +x /usr/local/bin/md2html

mv linux_md2html /usr/local/bin/md2html

chmod +x /usr/local/bin/md2html

Usage with docker

We assume that you have already installed Docker

docker pull cnam/md2html:latest

docker run -v wiki.dir:wiki.dir \
           -v documentation:documentation \
           -v template_dir:template_dir \
           cnam/md2html:latest -i wiki.dir -o documentation -t template_dir/template.tpl -p /docs

Generate documentation

md2html -i wiki.dir -o documentation -t template.tpl -p /docs


  • -i or --input Directory with markdown files
  • -o or --output Directory for output generated html files
  • -t or --template Template for generated documentation
  • -p or --path Subdirectory in site eg /docs where documentation location
  • -s or --sidebar Path to your custom sidebar


Your must be create html template with variables example

Default Variables

  • {{ .Title }} Page title similarly filename
  • {{ .Sidebar }} Custom sidebar for view menu, html represents in file
  • {{ .Items }} List pages for generate sidebar automatically. it contains
    • {{ .Title }} Name page from generated
    • {{ .Url}} url to the pages
  • {{ .Body}} Generated html body from markdown

Sidebar as list pages

    <li><a href="/docs">Home</a></li>
    {{range .Items}}
        <li><a href="/{{ .Url}}">{{ .Title}}</a></li>

Sidebar as static sidebar

<div id="sidebar">
    {{ .Sidebar }}

Mixed sidebar as html page and static

    {{ .Sidebar}}
        <li><a href="/docs">Home</a></li>
        {{range .Items}}
            <li><a href="/{{ .Url}}">{{ .Title}}</a></li>

Create sidebar as static file

In order to make your sidebar in each sub-directory, he can be your own or a common,
if it is set within a directory in the root of the documentation.

Sidebar represents as file and allow markdown syntax

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