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coala gitter bot
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corobo is a Python based chatbot that could be connected to many messaging
platforms including Slack, HipChat, Telegram, IRC, XMPP, Tox, Campfire, Gitter,
Skype. Check all the backends available

This repository is mainly a collection of plugins that are written for
errbot. Errbot is a Python based chatbot framework.

As described on Errbot website:

Errbot is a chatbot, a daemon that connects to your favorite chat service
and brings your tools into the conversation.

It handles sending messages to correct rooms/person, receiving messages,
calling your command routines on matching commands, etc. These command routines
are added by writing plugins, which are collected and loaded by Errbot when it
is ran.


Read more about what corobo could do for you

Environment Variables

  1. COBOT_ROOT - absolute path of the project root.
  2. COBOT_PREFIX - prefix to use for issuing bot commands.
  3. BOT_ADMINS - Admins of the errbot instance.
  4. ROOMS - Space separated list of rooms to join on startup. e.g.
    ROOMS="coala/coala coala/coala/corobo"
  5. BACKEND - Backend to use, default is Gitter.
  6. GH_TOKEN - GitHub personal access token to create issues, invite people to
    org, assign and unassign issues, etc. - Mandatory for LabHub to work for
  7. GL_TOKEN - GitLab personal access token to create, assign, unassign
    issues, etc. - Mandatory for LabHub to work for GitLab.
  8. GH_ORG_NAME - Name of github organization - Mandatory for LabHub GitHub
  9. GL_ORG_NAME - Name of gitlab organization - Mandatory for LabHub GitLab
  10. WA_TOKEN - wolframalpha APP_ID to access wolfram API.
  11. IGNORE_USERNAMES - space separated list of usernames to ignore messages

Environment Variables for answers microservice

  1. ANSWER_END - Endpoint of answers microservice(in answers/ directory). It is exposed at port

Setup without docker

  1. Install the dependencies
    pip install -r requirements.txt
  2. Set environment variables COBOT_ROOT, COBOT_TOKEN to the path of corobo
    repo and gitter token for cobot. Set other environment variables mentioned
    above if required
  3. Run errbot: cd COBOT_ROOT && errbot

Setup with docker

  1. Grab the image docker pull meetmangukiya/corobo
  2. Run the image :D:
     docker run --rm -e COBOT_TOKEN="this-is-chatbot-token" \
                     -e COBOT_PREFIX="gitmate" \
                     -e BOT_ADMINS="sils meetmangukiya" \
                     -e BACKEND="Slack" \
                     -e GH_TOKEN="this-is-the-bots-github-token" \
                     -e GL_TOKEN="this-is-the-bots-gitlab-token" \
                     -e GH_ORG_NAME="gitmate" \
                     -e GL_ORG_NAME="gitmate" \

Under Brewing

There are a few plugins that may be coala specific. But we are working on making
it more configurable and adaptable for other orgs.

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