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Custom Mayan EDMS image
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Mayan EDMS custom image

I need extra languages for OCR, hence this custom derivative Mayan EDMS image.

Use as coaxial/mayanedms instead of mayanedms/mayanedms in commands.


Requires docker to be up and running

$ docker run \
  --detach \
  --name mayan-edms \
  --restart=always \
  --publish 8080:80 \
  --volume mayan_data:/var/lib/mayan \
  --volume mayan_dropbox:/srv/scanned_documents \


The directory at /srv/scanned_documents is watched by Mayan EDMS to
automatically import any document dropped in it. This is used in combination
with coaxial/ct2p to easily ingest scanned documents prepped for OCR.


$ docker stop mayan-edms && docker rm mayan-edms && docker pull coaxial/mayanedms and then run the starting command again.

Backing up

Assumes docker and Mayan are running, tarsnap is installed and setup with the
relevant key (instructions),
and that tarsnapper is ready to go

  • Unpack the lib/backup_setup.tar.gz archive on the target machine at /
    with sudo

  • Edit the email address in the backup script at

  • Set the permissions on the backup script:

    $ chown root:root /root/ && chmod 600
    /root/ && chmod u+x
  • Add a cronjob:

    # Backup Mayan EDMS data to tarnsap
    12 2 * * * /root/
  • Setup msmtp (instructions

  • Test the setup by running the script sudo /root/, checking if it ran successfully, and
    whether an email was dispatched

Restoring backup

Assumes the data volume on the target instance is also named mayan_data

  • List available backups: $ sudo tarsnap --list-archives | sort
  • Restore chosen backup: $ sudo tarnsap -x -f <backup-name>


This could be an ansible playbook...

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