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linux image for php development
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To run this image

docker run -p <host port>:80 -v <host web folder>:/dev_www -it cobreti/phpdev:version2.0 /bin/bash

in the bash simply type
to start apache server

host web folder must be an absolute path

example of run command :

docker run -p 8001:80 -v /Users/dannyt/dev/dev_www:/dev_www -it cobreti/phpdev:version2.0 /bin/bash

for php debugging

edit file /etc/php/7.0/apache2/php.ini

in the section [Xdebug], change the xdebug.remote_host
value to the IP address of your host machine.

to debug with PHPStorm

use localhost and port 9000 with ide key = PHPSTORM

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