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App which ingests concepts from the kafka queue
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Concept Ingester

An API for reading concepts off of the kafka queue and sending them to the appropriate neo4j writer

An elasticsearch writer can also be configured. If so, after a successful ingestion into neo4j, the ingester will ingest the concept into elasticsearch too.
Incremental counters both for neo and elasticsearch are configured.


  • go get
  • cd $GOPATH/src/
  • go install

Running in a cluster

  • $GOPATH/bin/concept-ingester --services-list="people-rw-neo4j-blue,organisations-rw-neo4j-blue" --port="8081" --vulcan_addr="http://localhost:8080" --consumer_group_id="TestConcepts" --consumer_autocommit_enable=true --topic="Concept" --consumer_offset="smallest" --consumer_queue_id="kafka" --throttle=10

Some comments about configuration parameters:

  • --vulcan_addr the vulcan address, host and port
  • --services-list comma separated list of neo4j writers - do not append a port for running in the cluster
  • --elastic-service elasticsearch writer name
  • --topic, --consumer_group_id, --consumer_autocommit_enable, --consumer_offset, --consumer_queue_id see the message-queue-gonsumer library
  • the --consumer_queue_id/QUEUE_ID is used as a switch between clusters with vulcan-routing and those without - if this param is set, we assume vulcan-based routing.


  • Check connectivity http://localhost:8080/__health
  • Good to Go: http://localhost:8080/__gtg


How to run locally not in the cluster

concept-ingester --services-list="alphaville-series-rw-neo4j:8092" --port="8089" --vulcan_addr="http://localhost:8082" --consumer_group_id="alphaville-series" --topic="Concept" --consumer_of fset="smallest" --consumer_queue_id="kafka"
To run locally against local writers, specify the port each of these writers are running on (the writer address will be resolved to localhost:[specified-port]). Override the vulcan-addr parameter to point to the host:port of a kafka-rest-proxy.

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