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Small app checking an elasticsearch cluster health.
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POC for using ElasticSearch

Small application which checks the health of an AES cluster.

:warning: The AWS SDK for Go does not currently include support for ES data plane api, but the Signer is exposed since v1.2.0.

The taken approach to access ES:

  • Use the v4.Signer provided by the amazon-go-sdk
  • Create an HTTP client wrapping all the requests with Amazon signer
  • Use library to any ES request, after passing in the above created client

How to run

go get -u
go build
./elasticsearch-mvp --aws-access-key="{access key}" --aws-secret-access-key="{secret key}"

It is also possible to provide the elasticsearch endpoint, region and the port you expect the app to run on.

Available endpoints:


Provides the standard FT output indicating the connectivity and the cluster's health.


Provides a detailed health status of the ES cluster.
It matches the response from elasticsearch-endpoint/_cluster/health

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