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List Notifications R/W
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List Notifications R/W

Responsible for serving a writing notifications for lists. Similar in functionality to the Java-based notifications-rw.


go get


go build


go test -v -race ./...

Running Locally

The list-notifications-rw requires a running MongoDB instance to connect to. Update the config.yml db field to point to your Mongo instance. To run, simply build and run:


N.B. This assumes your config.yml is in your working directory.

The default port is 8080, but can be configured in the config.yml.


Write a new list notification:

curl http://localhost:8080/lists/notifications/{uuid} -XPUT --data '$json'

Where $json is a valid internal list in json format. To get example list data, see sample-list.json or get an example from the MongoDB lists collection.

Read notifications:

curl http://localhost:8080/lists/notifications?since=$date

Where $date is a date in RFC3339 format which is within the last 3 months. For an example date, simply hit the /lists/notifications endpoint with no since parameter.
( e.g. since=2016-11-02T12:41:47.4692365Z )

To see healthcheck results:

curl http://localhost:8080/__health

Is it good to go?

curl http://localhost:8080/__gtg

N.B. In an actual setup environment, going directly to the service (rather than through API Policy Component) will yield more information (i.e. lastModified and publishReference).

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