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Methode Article Mapper
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Methode Article Mapper

Methode Article Mapper is a Dropwizard application which consumes Kafka events and maps raw Methode articles to content according to UPP JSON format.


This application depends on the following micro-services:

  • kafka-proxy;
  • document store API;
  • concordance API.


java -jar target/methode-article-mapper-service-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar server methode-article-mapper.yaml


Posting content to be mapped

Transformation can be triggered through a POST message containing a Methode article to http://localhost:11070/content-transform/{uuid}
The {uuid} value must match the UUID of the posted Methode article.
In case the required transformation is triggered to provide an article preview, you need to set a preview query parameter in the URL with true as value:
e.g., http://localhost:11070/content-transform/d8bca7c3-e8b8-4dbf-9bd1-4df8d2e0c086?preview=true
This preview setting will not trigger an exception in case of empty article body.


A GET request to http://localhost:11071/healthcheck or http://localhost:11070/__health

Example of transformation output

You can find an example of a transformed article below.

  "uuid": "59b2f3b4-69c2-11e6-a0b1-d87a9fea034f",
  "title": "Myanmar calls on Kofi Annan to head landmark Rohingya effort",
  "alternativeTitles": {
    "promotionalTitle": "Annan to head new Myanmar Rohingya effort"
  "type": "",
  "byline": "Michael Peel, Bangkok Regional Correspondent",
  "brands": [
      "id": ""
  "identifiers": [
      "authority": "",
      "identifierValue": "59b2f3b4-69c2-11e6-a0b1-d87a9fea034f"
  "publishedDate": "2016-08-24T08:18:54.000Z",
  "standfirst": "Former UN chief will lead group to deal with problems that fuelled regional migration crisis",
  "body": "<body>The body of the article</body>",
  "description": "<p>Description text. Sed feugiat turpis at massa tristique sagittis.</p>",
  "mediaType": null,
  "pixelWidth": null,
  "pixelHeight": null,
  "internalBinaryUrl": null,
  "externalBinaryUrl": null,
  "members": null,
  "mainImage": "af6b69ba-69ce-11e6-3ed7-4fe0459ea806",
  "storyPackage": "d6fc8da7-fc26-4187-a38a-291442408969",
  "contentPackage": "45163790-eec9-11e6-abbc-ee7d9c5b3b90",
  "standout": {
    "editorsChoice": false,
    "exclusive": false,
    "scoop": false
  "comments": {
    "enabled": true
  "copyright": null,
  "webUrl": null,
  "publishReference": "tid_dn4kzqpoxf",
  "lastModified": "2016-08-25T06:06:23.532Z",
  "canBeSyndicated": "yes",
  "firstPublishedDate": "2016-08-15T10:31:22.000Z",
  "accessLevel": "subscribed",
  "canBeDsitributed": "yes"
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