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Methode Image Set Mapper
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Methode Image Set Mapper

This is a web application which listens to the NativeCmsPublicationEvents Kafka topic for publishing events coming from Methode and process only the messages
containing an image. It extracts the image metadata, creates a set of images containing only the published image and writes it to the CmsPublicationEvents


The service listens to the NativeCmsPublicationEvents Kafka topic and ingests the image messages coming from Methode.
The image messages coming from Methode have the header: Origin-System-Id: and the JSON payload has the
field "type":"Image". Other messages are discarded.

The difference between this and methode-image-model-mapper is that this service produces a message containing a list having one image member instead of
an image message.


Methode XPATH to image set mapping

<table border="1">
<th>UPP field</td>
<th>Methode Field - xpath</td>

Running locally

To compile, run tests and build jar

mvn clean verify 

To run locally, run:

java -jar target/methode-image-set-mapper.jar server methode-image-set-mapper.yaml



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