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Ingests Native Content.
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Native Ingester

Native ingester implements the following functionality:

  1. It consumes messages containing native CMS content or native CMS metadata from ONE queue topic.
  2. According to the data source, native ingester writes the content or metadata to a specific db collection.
  3. Optionally, it forwards consumed messages to a different queue.

Installation & running locally


go get -u
go get
cd $GOPATH/src/
govendor sync
go test ./...
go install

Run it locally:

    --source-uuid-field='["uuid", "post.uuid", "data.uuidv3"]'

List all the possible options:

$  native-ingester -h

Usage: native-ingester [OPTIONS]

A service to ingest native content of any type and persist it in the native store, then, if required forwards the message to a new message queue

  --read-queue-addresses=[]                     Addresses to connect to the consumer queue (URLs). ($Q_READ_ADDR)
  --read-queue-group=""                         Group used to read the messages from the queue. ($Q_READ_GROUP)
  --read-queue-topic=""                         The topic to read the messages from. ($Q_READ_TOPIC)
  --read-queue-host-header="kafka"              The host header for the queue to read the messages from. ($Q_READ_HOST_HEADER)
  --read-queue-concurrent-processing=false      Whether the consumer uses concurrent processing for the messages ($Q_READ_CONCURRENT_PROCESSING)
  --native-writer-address=""                    Address of service that writes persistently the native content ($NATIVE_RW_ADDRESS)
  --native-writer-collections-by-origins="[]"   Map in a JSON-like format. originId referring the collection that the content has to be persisted in. e.g. [{"":"methode"}] ($NATIVE_RW_COLLECTIONS_BY_ORIGINS)
  --native-writer-host-header="nativerw"        coco-specific header needed to reach the destination address ($NATIVE_RW_HOST_HEADER)
  --content-uuid-fields=[]                      List of JSONPaths that point to UUIDs in native content bodies. e.g. uuid,post.uuid,data.uuidv3 ($NATIVE_CONTENT_UUID_FIELDS)
  --write-queue-address=""                      Address to connect to the producer queue (URL). ($Q_WRITE_ADDR)
  --write-topic=""                              The topic to write the messages to. ($Q_WRITE_TOPIC)
  --write-queue-host-header="kafka"             The host header for the queue to write the messages to. ($Q_WRITE_HOST_HEADER)

Admin endpoints

  • https://{host}/__native-store-{type}/__health
  • https://{host}/__native-store-{type}/__gtg

Note: All API endpoints in CoCo require Authentication.
See service run book on how to access cluster credentials.

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