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Manual republish of V1 metadata
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V1 Metadata Republisher (v1-metadata-republisher)

A script for reading V1 metadata from the native store and putting it on the native metadata publish event queue.


For the first time:

go get

or update:

go get -u


The values below also represent the default values:

export|set SRC_ADDR=localhost:8080
export|set SRC_COLL=v1-metadata
export|set SRC_HEADER=nativerw
export|set DEST_ADDRESS=localhost:8080
export|set DEST_TOPIC=NativeCmsMetadataPublicationEvents
export|set DEST_QUEUE=kafka
export|set UUIDS="3fdf5bd4-e444-11e5-a09b-1f8b0d268c39,2d6694a2-e211-11e5-8d9b-e88a2a889797"

With Docker:

docker build -t coco/v1-metadata-republisher .

docker run -ti --env NEO_URL=<base url> coco/v1-metadata-republisher

The Docker image does not start the script by itself, you have to go into the container and start it manually.


The script has no endpoints, it has to be run manually.

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