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V1 People Transformer
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V1 People Transformer

An API for pulling in and transforming V1/TME People into the UPP representation of a Person


For the first time:

go get

or update:

go get -u


$GOPATH/bin/v1-people-transformer --tme-username={tme-username} --port={port} --tme-password={tme-password} --token={tme-token} --base-url={base-url for the app} --tme-base-url={tme-base-url} --maxRecords={maxRecords} --batchSize={batchSize} --cache-file-name={cache-file-name}

TME credentials are mandatory and can be found in lastpass


With Docker:

docker build -t coco/v1-orgs-transformer .

docker run -ti --env BASE_URL=<base url> --env TME_BASE_URL=<structure service url> --env TME_USERNAME=<user> --env TME_PASSWORD=<pass> --env TOKEN=<token> --env CACHE_FILE_NAME=<file> coco/v1-orgs-transformer


GET /transformers/people

The V1 people transformer holds all the V1 People in memory and this endpoint gets the JSON for ALL the people. Useful for piping to a file or using with up-rest-utils but be careful using this via Postman or a Browser as it is a lot of JSON

A successful GET results in a 200.

curl -X GET https://{pub-semantic-user}:{pub-semantic-password}

GET /transformers/people/{uuid}

The V1 people transformer holds all the V1 People in memory and this endpoint gets the JSON a person with a given UUID. The UUID is derived from the TME composite id at this point

A successful GET results in a 200 and 404 for not finding the person

curl -X GET https://{pub-semantic-user}:{pub-semantic-password}

GET /transformers/people/__ids

All of the UUIDS for ALL the V1 people - This is needed for loading via the concept publisher

curl -X GET https://{pub-semantic-user}:{pub-semantic-password}

GET /transformers/people/__count

A count of how people are in the transformer's memory cache

curl -X GET https://{pub-semantic-user}:{pub-semantic-password}

POST /transformers/people/__reload

Fetches all the V1 people from TME and reloads the cache. There is no payload for this post

curl -X POST https://{pub-semantic-user}:{pub-semantic-password}

Admin endpoints

Healthchecks: http://localhost:8080/__health

Ping: http://localhost:8080/ping or http://localhost:8080/__ping

Build-info: http://localhost:8080/build-info

Good to Go: http://localhost:8080/__gtg

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