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Wordpress Article Mapper
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Wordpress Article Mapper

Wordpress Article Mapper is a Dropwizard application which listens for Wordpress messages on the NativeCmsPublicationEvents queue, converts them into the canonical
universal publishing json format and sends the conversion result on the CmsPublicationEvents queue.


This service listens to the NativeCmsPublicationEvents Kafka topic and ingests the Wordpress messages. Each message coming from Wordpress has the header
Origin-System-Id: Other messages are discarded.


UPP Property Name WP JSON Path Description Example Value
uuid $.post.uuid Post UUID "0000d746-003c-5021-a1fe-705e2de57d77"
title $.post.title Post title "Italy's Prime minister Matteo Renzi"
publishedDate $.post.date_gmt, $.post.modified_gmt or $.post.modified Publication date "2016-02-05T08:18:51.000Z"
byline $.post.authors Byline "Financial Times"
brands $.post.url Brands [ { "id": "" }]
identifiers $.post.url Identifiers [ { "authority": "", "identifierValue": "" } ]
comments $.post.commentStatus Comments status { "enabled": false }
mainImage $.post.main_image Main image UUID "bb918201-2058-38a5-bd70-be8126200f2d"
publishReference From Kafka message header Transaction ID "tid_rb1xduvpzr"
lastModified From message timestamp Last modified date "2016-02-10T11:41:24.000Z"
firstPublishedDate $.post.date_gmt First publication date "2016-12-10T10:01:22.000Z"
body $.post.content Post Body "<body><p>Telecom Italia has returned to growth in the third quarter... </p></body>"
opening $.post.excerpt Post Opening "<body><p>Telecom Italia has returned to growth in the third quarter... </p></body>"
accessLevel $.post.accessLevel or $.post.defaultAccessLevel Post Access Level "subscribed" or "registered" or "premium" or "free"
webUrl $.post.url Post Url ""
canonicalWebUrl canonicalWebUrlTemplate config Permanent url to the content ""
scoop $.post.is_scoop Scoop flag true


Please make sure you are running it in the correct working directory (wordpress-article-mapper).

To compile, run tests and build jar

mvn clean verify

To run locally, run:

java -jar target/wordpress-article-mapper.jar server wordpres-article-mapper.yaml

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