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droydrunner is a set of tool based on robot framework for test automation on android devices

it can be used as client server solution with droydclient and droydserver


The documentation can be found in the source repository file: doc/droydrunner.html

Droydrunner client

install it

droydclient is a python library; so python and pip are needed

git clone
cd droyd
pip install -r requirements_client.txt
python install

use it

droydclient can be be used via robotframework, a sample is available in source


to launch it see the sample script ( adapt the url to droydrunner server url)


Droydrunner server

install it

droydserver needs several libraries to work , so to ease the process a docker image is available

you need to install docker to be able to use it. refer to

then type the command to install the image

docker pull cocoon/droyd:latest

use it

to launch a droydserver type

sudo docker run -d --privileged -v /dev/bus/usb:/dev/bus/usb  --name droydhub -P cocoon/droyd droydserve -- host --port 5000

to check droydserver is working open a browser on http://<your_host>:5000 , the server shoud respond with a hello there

connect android devices on the usb ports of the server

in your browser open

you should get a json list of connected devices

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