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a data container for the iva test days
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Iva test days

A set of droydrunner demos for the iva test days


start the container

sudo docker run -ti -rm --name ivatestdays  -v /home/cocoon/shared/ivatestdays/jenkins:/jenkins cocoon/ivatestdays /bin/bash


  • /home/cocoon/shared/ivatestdays/jenkins is the directory on the docker host where to store the jenkins state
  • /jenkins is the directory on the container where jenkins state is stored
  • /tests is the directory on the container where the source tests are stored

use it

phone test with python

cd /tests/python_phone



robot framework tests

cd /tests/robotdemo
pybot keyword_driven.txt

cd /tests
rflaunch -j /tests/robotdemo/jobs.yaml keyword_driven

tests with jenkins

on the docker host start a jenkins instance using the volumes defined in ivatestdays

sudo docker run -d -p 8085:8080 --volumes-from ivatestdays --name jenkins    cocoon/jenkins


  • -p 8085:8080 give access to the jenkins server via the port 8085
  • --volumes-from tells the instance to use the ivatestdays container's volumes (/jenkins , /tests)

open a web browser on $DOCKER_HOST:8085 to enter your jenkins instance

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