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Dockerized Atlassian JIRA® Data Center for local testing during plugin development.
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Start an Atlassian JIRA® Software Data Center with Docker for local testing during plugin development.
It starts a PostgreSQL Database, several JIRA® cluster nodes and Apache2 HTTPD as sticky session loadbalancer. The shared jira-home is handled via a shared Docker volume. This is not meant to be used in production! The cluster is designed to not be persistent, meaning, once you shut it down, all data is lost. See it as the Data-Center version of atlas-run-standalone.

Please choose the JIRA Software version you want to run:

JIRA Software Version Loadbalancer URL PostgreSQL Version Oracle Java Version
7.3.3 http://jira-cluster-733-lb:60733/ 9.4 8u131
7.4.0 http://jira-cluster-740-lb:60740/ 9.4 8u131

Please Note:

  • I do not provide support. If you have questions on how to run JIRA Software and/or JIRA Data Center, please ask in the
    Atlassian Community.


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